• Inspiring Practitioner Inquiry

Aligning the Reggio Emilia Approach and co-constructed knowledge.

Inspiring Practitioner Inquiry
Pilot programme

The purpose of this project was to contribute to developing a CPD ‘programme’ which centred on reflective Practitioner Inquiry (underpinned by action research) in a way that is also child centred.

Primarily, the pilot was a practical exploration of how a programme might be facilitated with a group of Early Years practitioners who share a connection.

Secondly, the pilot intended to explore how action research can be utilised to evaluate Early Childhood Ireland projects. In this case, the facilitation of the Reggio Study Visits.

In total, four participants completed the programme.  Participants’ feedback showed how they implemented ideas taken from their Reggio experience and the impacts of undertaking Practitioner Inquiry. Each participant on the pilot programme received a poster summarising the Practitioner Inquiry process undergone by each participant.



'In undertaking a Practitioner Inquiry like this, and reflecting on the process with others sparks reflection, to look at what is working well and also identify areas that may be underused, inspiring and guiding us to implement change and take ownership of the spaces we share together with the children and their families’.